Senior Fall Prevention Initiatives at the Y

Tampa YMCA's commitment to engaging seniors includes offering grant-funded, evidence-based fall prevention programs, which are available at many locations throughout the Tampa Bay area! Specifically, the Enhance®Fitness and Healthy Steps for Older Adults programs have been proven to help seniors improve balance, become stronger and more confident, while connecting with peers within their community.

The Y supports older adults with senior fitness programs where they can exercise and learn ways to improve and maintain an active lifestyle and prevent falls.


Fall Prevention Programs for Senior Health

Tampa YMCA offers programs to seniors in the community for free, thanks to grant funding.

Enhance®Fitness Classes

Enhance®Fitness is a certified senior fitness and falls prevention program that helps reduce arthritis symptoms with safe, low impact exercises led by certified instructors. 

The Enhance®Fitness program has been recognized by the CDC and has been proven to improve health in older adults.

Healthy Steps for Older Adults

Healthy Steps for Older Adults is an evidence-based fall risk screening and education class for adults ages 65 and older.

The program consists of two, 2-hour workshops focused on fall prevention, and covers topics like proper footwear, safety at home, good nutrition for bone health and the importance of exercise.

What are the benefits of improving physical strength and mobility?

Seniors and active older adults can connect with community members in free, evidence-based lifestyle management learning sessions and exercise classes.

Tampa YMCA certified instructors and form relationships with participants and support individuals on their specific lifestyle, mobility goals and preventing falls. Healthy Steps for Older Adults and Enhance®Fitness at the YMCA programs are great ways to make friends, improve mood and have a great time.

For more information on the fall prevention programs, contact the Community Health team, Nancy Belli or Dawn Kita 813.224.9622.