We'll Watch the Kids

Stay & Play is a benefit included in a Tampa Y Family membership and Two Person membership. While you work out (for up to two hours), kids engage in interactive, intentional play and self-discovery learning in Stay & Play.

Stay & Play is engaging, curriculum-based play for kids ages 6 weeks to 6 years old. Children will be immersed in hands-on play stations including science, art, reading, dramatic play and more. All activities are age-appropriate and contribute to early childhood development. Play stations encourage play that opens children's imaginations. Kids look forward to coming to the Y because of Stay & Play and often want to stay even when it's time to leave!

Safety First

The Tampa Y Stay & Play Family Programming Attendants have been trained to engage children at each play station. They also adhere to the Tampa Y's policies and caring for young children as outlined in the Parent Manual.


Stay & Play is available at most Tampa Y locations—click "Stay & Play" in the Amenities sections. In some cases, special accommodations can be made for children with special needs. 

Curriculum-based Play

The Tampa Y's Stay & Play child watch offers play stations including: arts and crafts, table top games, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, dramatic play, science and nature, quiet learning.

Play Stations and Activities in Stay & Play

  • Question of the day
  • Block building
  • Guided play
  • Science
    • Sorting, describe what you see. 
  • Dramatic play
    •  Kitchen, fruit sorting, touch center rug
  • Stretch questions to encourage kids to use their imagination and repeat what they've learned
    • "Describe what you've built in a few words."

Types of Learning

  • Quiet Learning: Kids read and look at books independently, older readers engage with young readers, Y staff reads to small groups.
  • Stretch Questions: each play station engages children to use their imagination. Stretch questions encourage them to open their minds and repeat what they've learned. 
  • Fine motor skills: matching games 
  • Gross motor skills: rhythm and movement

Youth Zone

Like Stay & Play, Youth Zone is supervised play for kids. Kids make friends, play games and even have a space to work on homework while you work out. For age requirements, please refer to page 3 in the Stay & Play/Youth Zone Parent Manual.

Kids must be included on the parent/guardian's Family Membership or Two Person Household Membership to enjoy Stay & Play and Youth Zone.

Stay & Play/Youth Zone Parent Manual