Thursday, Feb. 20, 2020

Hello All,

This month we want to bring attention to American Heart Month. This month, you can read about a man named Matthew who improved his heart health by joining the Y. This one decision in his life lead to more healthy habits and now he’s lighter, more energetic and happier! Stories like these show how the Tampa YMCA can help you and your family meet your health and wellness goals.

A healthy heart is an achievable goal through lifestyle changes such as:

  1. Getting Physical: Plan and schedule opportunities for active play; for example, include a brisk 10-minute trip around the block after meals or a 10-minute walking break during the day. If your family enjoys active video games, select versions that require moving the body’s large muscle groups while playing.
  2. Take a Snooze: Lack of sleep can be associated with elevated cholesterol and blood pressure. Adults need at least seven, but no more than nine hours of sleep at night to aid with the prevention of heart disease. Children need 10-12 hours of sleep per night. Develop bedtime routines for the whole family to assist with falling asleep faster and staying asleep.
  3. Shape Up Those Recipes: Makeover your family’s favorite recipes by reducing the amount of salt and saturated fat and substituting a lower fat food without sacrificing tastes. For instance, use low-fat yogurt instead of sour cream. To season food, substitute salt with spices, herbs, garlic, vinegar, olive oil or lemon juice.
  4. Feeling the Pressure: Revised blood pressure guidelines from the American Heart Association mean that nearly half (46%) of all Americans have high blood pressure. Lowering or maintaining normal blood pressure can greatly reduce your risk for heart disease and stroke. Start self-monitoring your blood pressure and know the numbers. 

If you or someone you know is at risk of heart disease, we can help increase physical activity, improve food choices and lower blood pressure/cholesterol levels. The Y offers numerous programs, including Y-Weight, Y Diabetes Prevention Program, Active Older Adult programming, personal training, group training and Corporate Wellness programs. To see other ways we can help you achieve better health, check out our health and fitness programs or stop into your local Y. Here’s to a healthy 2020!

With appreciation, 

Matt Mitchell
President & CEO