Brand New Mobile App For You

We are excited to announce the newest version of the Tampa YMCA app, available for iOS and Android!

Features include:

  • Member check-in
  • Group exercise schedules
  • Goals & workout tracking
  • YMCA communication
  • And more!

Download the newest version of the Tampa YMCA app today! Search "YMCA Universal" on the App Store and Google Play Store. 


Trouble Logging In? 

We're working on it! What you need to know: 

  • To login with your email address, your email must be attached to your membership account. Please contact a Y staff member for assistance!

  • Current Members:

    • Please contact the Welcome Center so they can ensure the email address on your account matches the one you're using. They will record your contact information and report any system errors.


  • New members and members with new member ID cards:

    • The system can take up to a week for your new membership information to import into the app database. Please wait at least 72 hours after you join to log into the app. If the app does not recognize your bar code, please contact a YMCA staff member or the Welcome Center.

Get Started on the New App

  1. Download the App: Search "YMCA Universal" on the App Store or Google Play Store
  2. Find Your Location: Search your nearest Y by either name or ZIP code
  3. Add Members: Enter your email address or scan the barcode on your YMCA key tag to get signed-in
  4. (Optional) Add additional members by:
    1. Selecting the Check-in button on the home screen 
    2. Tapping the "+" icon
    3. Entering barcodes for all additional members associated with your membership

View Group Exercise Schedules

  1. Tap Group Ex Schedules
  2. Select your location to view the schedule
  3. Use the "Filters" feature to further filter your location's schedule

Set Goals & Track Workouts

The "My Wellness" section allows you to set fitness goals, log workouts and track your progress.