Dade City Family YMCA

38035 Meridian Ave., Dade City, FL 33525

(352) 521-0484


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“One main thing I have learned is hundreds of teens can come together and make a difference. Your age doesn’t determine your ability to make an impact. I have grown up in Teen Leaders and I have witnessed many others grow up in Leaders, and it is one of the things we are most grateful for in life.” – Dylan Kinsman, Teen Leaders graduate

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“Sidney is really exploring her surroundings. We really wanted to get her into a one-on-one scenario, where she could get more out of it. Her confidence has grown exponentially since she even puts her face in the water without a problem. She is progressing really well.” – Maranda Reeves, mother of swim student

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“I started coming to the Y because I was lonely and feeling a bit isolate. The Y changed that for me. I have made new friends with other members and staff. They are very caring people. My doctor is very happy that I go to the Y and, as a result, my health is pretty good at age 90. I have normal blood pressure and my cholesterol is perfect! I do have diabetes, but the Y helps me manage it through exercise. My life is better because I come to the YMCA!” – Richard Bradley, Silver Sneakers Member

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