Gymnastics for Carrollwood, Temple Terrace, Bloomingdale, Tampa Palms, Valrico & Beyond


GymnasticsAre you searching for a gym that offers a variety of after-school educational and activity-based youth programs? The Tampa Metropolitan YMCA offers members professionally instructed gymnastics programs for gymnasts ages 3 to 17 as well as swimming classes for kids. No matter what your child’s skill level may be, our experienced instructors will help your child blossom into an outstanding gymnast or swimmer in a fun and friendly environment.


The YMCA teaches gymnastics at every level including beginning tumbling and basic form classes, intermediate showmanship-focused gymnastics lessons and advanced competition programs. Despite having skilled athletes and experienced instructors, our competitive gymnastics program maintains an all-levels welcome approach to aspiring tumblers and seasoned gymnasts alike. At the Y, we want anyone who wants to participate to feel comfortable and welcome doing so.


The same can be said about our swim team. For students who started with swimming classes for kids, some may wish to continue at a more advanced pace and even be a part of the YMCA’s competitive swim team. All in all, our welcoming culture breeds adventurous and persevering young individuals who grow into talented and dedicated athletes.


Not only do sports improve one’s physical fitness, flexibility and endurance, they also help to enhance other areas of a child’s life outside of the gym, courts or pool. By cultivating a positive, yet competitive, atmosphere throughout our youth programs such as gymnastics and swimming, we enhance our students’ lives by:


  • Boosting self-esteem and confidence
  • Developing strong social skills
  • Practicing good sportsmanship and team dynamics


Sports, such as gymnastics, soccer, volleyball and aquatic activities, affect much more than young athletes’ physical bodies. Incorporating an organized activity like gymnastics into your child’s life can substantially enhance their ability to handle difficult situations, engage with peers and accept disappointment gracefully.


Whether your son or daughter is interested in gymnastics, competitive swimming, soccer or another sport, your local YMCA branch offers a variety of sports and classes to cater to curious young minds. With branches in Carrollwood, Temple Terrace, Bloomingdale, Tampa Palms, Valrico and beyond, there’s a Y conveniently located for all aspiring athletes in the Tampa area. Contact your local branch today to learn more about our available youth programs!

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