Rethink & Reframe Your Resolutions

Along with singing “Auld Lang Syne” at the start of the New Year, making resolutions is a tradition for millions of Americans. However, while choosing a resolution can be easy, sticking to them is hard. Changing behaviors is a tough task even for the most dedicated and motivated people. Remember any change takes time, and the type of resolution you make plays a huge factor in your success.


While there is no “right way” to keep a resolution, the Tampa Y is encouraging community members to give their New Year’s resolutions a boost by:



1. Start small. Break big resolutions into small, achievable goals. “Getting healthy” is too broad. Reframe that big resolution into smaller, more manageable goals. Instead of cutting chocolate out of your diet for good, vow to only have it a few times a week.


2. Take it one step at a time. Trying to change too many habits at once can easily lead to frustration. Instead of a New Year’s resolution, make a new month focus on that one change for the month and add another (small) change when the new month rolls around.


3. Keep the faith. Don’t get discouraged by setbacks. Even though you may experience some missteps that doesn’t mean you have to give up. Bad habits aren’t created in a week, so you can’t change them in a week either.


4. It’s all about attitude. It’s important to think about what you’re gaining from a resolution rather than what you’re missing. This can make a resolution feel more positive, and therefore more achievable. For example, you may want to limit your screen time. That can be more manageable if you replace it with something positive like volunteering or family time.


5. Talk it out. It’s easier to stick to your resolutions if you have a partner or friend working toward similar goals. Team up with someone to set your 2019 goals and help each other establish a game plan dedicated to achieving them. Set specific check-ins to help each other out of slumps and to cheer each other during the high points.



Whatever your goals are, the Y can help make 2019 your year to feel supported, improve your well-being and learn healthy habits that last a lifetime. That’s because we’re not a gym, but an environment that offers more health, more hope and more opportunity. The Y’s goal is to provide you the opportunity to develop relationships, achieve your goals, and belong to something bigger than yourself. This New Year, join a cause that benefits yourself, your family and your community. Click here to learn more and let us help you take the best care of yourself in 2019!



Pictured above:  A group exercise class, like this one at the Northwest Hillsborough Family Y, is a great way to team up with others to hold yourself accountable to your fitness goals this year.

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