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April Grant had been a member of the Y for a long time until she suffered what she calls a catastrophic accident that “kind of brought my life to a screeching halt” which left her with injuries like a broken leg and fractured back.

“After five years of struggle, fighting, surgeries, and procedures I was finally left to my own devices but instead of getting up and doing anything about it, I got depressed and sad and I felt like my life was over. What I needed was inspiration. I didn’t find it until I came here,” April says of the North Brandon Family YMCA.

One Saturday, April says she grew tired of being sick and hurting and not being able to walk so she decided to go back to the Y. “And everything for me changed. I wasn’t going to sit down and do nothing anymore. It was on me. [The Y staff] inspired me to take responsibility and stand up for myself.”

April says while it hasn’t been easy she’s determined to become a better version of herself.

“It’s because of the Y, I feel inspired to do it and keep doing it. This place is a family and when they say that, it really is the truth because that’s what it feels like every time I walk through the door,” she says. “We should all support each other, then maybe we can become more like the staff at the Y who supports us every day. That’s why I come here and keep coming here every single day.”

Whether you need an accountability partner, some new exercises, personal training, group classes, or life coaching, the Y has something for you.