Every child deserves to go to summer camp. It’s a statement the Y stands by, regardless of financial, physical or intellectual limitations. The North Brandon Family YMCA offers an adaptive camp designed specifically for campers with special needs - ensuring fun and inclusion for all!    10-year-old Landon Winter attended Adaptive Camp last year and is eager to return this summer. “The atmosphere created at camp was what Landon needed. People accepted him and encouraged him to feel good about himself,” writes his grandmother, Susan. “Camp provided Landon with a safe environment to grow and develop independence. Every morning when we arrived on site, he literally ran from the car to the classroom.”   The Y’s welcoming, inclusive atmosphere meant the world to Landon and his family. “The camp staffers were kind, caring and always smiling,” recalls Susan. I watched them interact with these special children and it warmed my heart.”   The Y’s doors are open to all - giving everyone the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive. “For those children who are touched by Adaptive Camp, the benefits are immeasurable,” claims Susan. “With limited options for children on the autism spectrum, you have provided a valuable community program.”   In addition to Adaptive Camp, the Tampa Y offers a variety of other camps to keep your kids engaged socially, physically and academically throughout the summer. Register for Y Summer Camp today at  
  Pictured above: Landon Winter’s father says he’s been talking about the North Brandon Y’s Adaptive Camp for months and he can’t wait to return next month!