Youth Sports for Those in Westchase, Fishhawk, Bloomingdale, Temple Terrace & Neighboring Regions

Playing youth sports at the Tampa YMCA is fun for everyone! We invite kids from ages 4 to 13 to choose from basketball, soccer, T-ball, flag football, racquetball and tennis. It doesn’t matter which sport they choose; here at the Tampa YMCA, they will learn the basics of healthy competition and good sportsmanship.


Here are some other youth sports classes we offer:


  • Cheerleading – Kids ages 3 – 12 are taught the fundamentals of cheering. They memorize cheers, learn simple choreography and gain enough self-confidence to perform during a number of sporting events.
  • Dance – Kids learn how to follow instructions, memorize routines and count in rhythmic patterns. They will also gain poise, self-awareness and confidence.
  • First Tee Golf – This class teaches a series of life skills and values like judgment, perseverance and confidence.
  • Flag Football – Kids will learn methods of how to run plays, follow rules and work as a team. They’ll also learn fundamental skills like running, catching, kicking and throwing.
  • Gymnastics – Our environment is positive, and children can improve their youth sports skills. Emphasis is on growing socially as a team and working together.
  • Martial Arts / Karate – Beginner to advanced classes are offered, segmented by age for youth, young children, adults and teens. We emphasize personal growth, discipline and respect for others.
  • T-Ball – Kids ages 3 to 6 start to learn the basics of baseball. New skills like hitting, running, throwing and cheering for their teammates are developed.
  • Volleyball – We have youth sports co-ed leagues for kids, teens and adults that emphasize good sportsmanship, goal setting and teamwork. Setting, hitting, underhand serving and digging will be taught.
  • Youth Basketball – Open to kids from 4 to 14, with leagues and programs running year-round.
  • Youth Soccer – Players of all abilities are welcome.


We’re looking forward to your family’s participation in our youth sports programs and would also like to invite you to enjoy our Parents’ Night Out. Parents’ Night Out offers parents the opportunity to have some time to themselves while the kids are having fun in a safe, engaging environment!  Contact out your local branch for more information. We are proud to serve Westchase, Fishhawk, Bloomingdale, Temple Terrace and neighboring regions.

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