Swimming Classes for Kids from Bloomingdale, Valrico, Riverview & Neighboring Regions


Swimming Classes for KidsIt’s never too early to make a splash at the Y, especially for those located in the beautiful Sunshine State. YMCA branches in the Tampa Metropolitan Area offer swim lessons of various skill levels to those as young as 6 months and members up to teens and adults. For most families in the greater Tampa Bay Area, YMCA swimming classes for kids have become an exciting rite of passage and tradition. For our instructors, toddler swimming lessons are about helping members and their families feel secure by teaching water safety in each lesson.


Learning to swim is an important skill that toddlers, teens and adults should master and practice throughout their lifetime. This especially holds true for Florida residents who enjoy summertime weather and aquatic activities virtually year-round. Getting your child acquainted with the pool is a great first step in preparing them with the tools they need to safely enjoy Florida’s many pools, lakes and beaches.


YMCA offers swimming classes for kids of all ages and skill levels. Whether you wish to enroll your child in one of the below swimming classes or have them attend private lessons, all students will develop a sound foundation of swimming skills. Children’s swimming classes include:


  • Infant Swim (ISR) teaches babies ages 6 to 12 months of age to hold their breath under water, turn onto their backs and float without assistance. As students progress, floating advances to a basic swimming pattern.
  • Preschool Toddler Swimming Lessons teaches beginner to intermediate swimmers ages 3 to 5 various skill sets, dependent on their progress. Instructors work with five students at any given time to ensure that students are properly supervised and instructed.
  • Youth Classes are for children ages 6 to 12 who swim at various skill levels.


No matter which Y you belong to or wish to join, it’s never too late to reserve a spot for any of our swimming classes for kids. With locations in Bloomingdale, Valrico, Riverview and neighboring regions, there’s a swimming class for all Tampa Bay residents right around the corner. Contact us today to register for an upcoming group swimming class or to request a private lesson.

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