Swim Lessons for Those in Westchase, Fishhawk, Tampa Palms, Bloomingdale & Surrounding Areas

Swimming is a life skill that can be enjoyed at all age levels, and we have plenty of opportunities to swim here in Florida. The Tampa Metropolitan Area YMCA offers a variety of swim lessons. Swimming is a fantastic aerobic activity, and it utilizes each one of your body’s major muscle groups. Participating in swim lessons and fitness classes reduces your child’s risk of obesity and provide a low-impact activity that improves posture and balance and increases flexibility. Swimming has been proven to be the sport least likely to cause injury in children.


What swim lessons are available this summer at the YMCA?


  • Infant Swim (ISR) – Babies 6 to 12 months of age learn to float unassisted, turn onto their backs and hold their breath under water. One to four year olds are taught a swim-float-swim sequence.
  • Parent / Child I – This 30 minute class is designed for adjustment and water acclimation, with an emphasis on keeping your children safe in and around water.
  • Preschool (ages 3 to 5) – Pike focuses on arm and leg movements, basic breath control, front and back swimming and floating, and using a flotation device. Eel focuses on breath control, freestyle, backstroke, using flotation devices and independent swimming. There are also Pike/Eel, Ray, Starfish and Ray/Starfish swim lessons. Combine swimming with fitness classes, and your child will benefit from improved health!
  • Youth (ages 6 – 12) – Polliwog is our elementary class in this age bracket. Guppy class is a little more advanced, and Polliwog/Guppy combines the two.
  • Teen and Adult (age 13+) – Beginner, Advanced Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced classes are available.
  • Private (ages 3 to Adult) – Many people learn best getting individualized instruction.


If you are interested in any of the swim lessons and classes mentioned above or have been looking for fitness classes to improve your general health, contact the Tampa Metropolitan Area YMCA today. We are happy to provide water skills classes for those people in Westchase, Fishhawk, Tampa Palms, New Tampa, Bloomingdale and surrounding areas.

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