Playing sports at the Tampa Y is fun for everyone! Kids ages 4-13 can choose from soccer, basketball, flag football, T-ball, tennis and racquetball. No matter which sport they get involved with, they will learn the basics of good sportsmanship and healthy competition … along with our core values of respect, responsibility, honesty and caring.



With an emphasis on having fun and working together, the Tampa Y cheerleading program is designed for kids ages 3 to 12 and focuses on the fundamentals of cheering. Kids learn simple choreography, memorize cheers, and gain the self-confidence to perform during various sporting events at the Y.



Dance is not only a fun and healthy way to get fit, it teaches children how to follow instructions, memorize routines, and count in rhythmic patterns. Older kids will also greatly benefit from the confidence, poise and self-awareness that is inherent to becoming a dancer.


First Tee Golf

The First Tee program uses the game of golf to provide young people with the chance to develop life-enhancing values like confidence, perseverance and judgment. The First Tee teaches a series of life skills (such as goal setting, how to meet new people, and staying healthy) in all of its programs. Whether through introductory programs in 75+ Hillsborough County public schools, afterschool programs at several local courses, or week-long summer camp experiences, The First Tee shows children that golf is more than a game – it’s an opportunity to become the very best they can be.


Flag Football

Flag football players will learn the rules of the game and how cooperate with their teammates, along with the fundamental skills of throwing, kicking, catching and running. Kids will participate in practice and games, learning how to run plays, work as a team and follow rules.



Our goals are to help expand children’s interest in gymnastics and improve their skills, while also encouraging them to stay motivated in their discipline to practice and learn. The Tampa Y ensures that the environment is always positive and geared toward the idea of working together and growing socially as a team.


Martial Arts / Karate

Here at the Tampa Y, we offer skills-based classes, from beginner to advanced, that are also segmented by age for young children, youth, teens and adults. Our instructors are experts in the martial arts and provide safe and ethical training that adheres to the values of discipline, personal growth and respect for others.



At the Tampa Y, T-ball is a great way to get kids ages 3 to 6 started in learning the basics of baseball. They have the opportunity to develop new skills – like the fundamentals of throwing, running, hitting, and cheering for their teammates. All while gaining confidence and getting plenty of exercise, out in the fresh air.



Our youth, teen and adult volleyball program are co-ed leagues that good sportsmanship, teamwork and goal setting in a fun atmosphere. Volleyball fundamentals will be taught, including the basics of underhand serving, setting, hitting, and digging in a non-competitive environment.


Youth Basketball

The Tampa YMCA is open to kids ages 4-14, with year-round programs & leagues running year-round. Every child should participate in every game and should receive equal playing time, regardless of skill level.


Youth Soccer

Like all of the Tampa Y sports programs, youth soccer offers fun for players of all abilities. Kids gain the basic skills of the game, while learning how to follow rules and practice good sportsmanship.

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