Dear Friends,


Making New Year’s resolutions is a tradition for millions of Americans….and apparently breaking them is too! A nationwide YMCA survey found less than a quarter of respondents kept their resolutions. Many (71%) tried, but stated they fell short of their goals, while 40% confessed they gave up within the first few months, even weeks, of the New Year!


With the latest fitness techniques and technology in our innovatively-designed wellness centers, the Tampa Y is here to help reach any of your goals. We offer more than 50 fitness (including climate-control) classes, a free 8-week weight loss program and heart rate technology to track your workout progress and results in real time. And this month is the best time to join our cause. New members pay NO join fee and receive a 20% discount off their first month. Not to mention, when you join the Y, you’re joining the #1 Fitness Program as voted again by Tampa Bay Business Journal readers. Below are more tips to help New Year’s resolutions stick.


  1. Start small. “Getting healthy” is too broad a goal. You will be more successful by reframing it into multiple, more manageable and measurable goals. Think about your goals in a positive way. Try not to think about what you’re missing, but rather what you’re gaining. This can make a resolution feel more achievable.
  2. Take it one step at a time. Trying to change too many habits at once can easily lead to frustration. It’s important to not let yourself get discouraged by setbacks. Even though you may experience some missteps that doesn’t mean you have to give up. Change is a process and bad days are part of that process.
  3. Choose a facility that focuses on a holistic approach to health. When it comes to adding healthy behaviors, it’s important to find a facility that keeps you motivated…like the Y! We’re not just a gym, but a community organization that offers more health, more hope and more opportunity.
  4. Talk it out. It’s easier to stick to your resolutions if you have a partner or friend working toward similar goals. Team up with someone and help each other establish a game plan. Help each other out of slumps and cheer each other during the high points. Remember if you join the Y with a friend, you both will save 20% off your membership FOREVER!


Aside from fitness-related goals, if one of your goals is to spend more time with loved ones, a membership at the Y includes free, fun family activities and events. If your goal is to simply enjoy life to the fullest, the Y is the place to be a part of a cause dedicated to building a better you and community. Thanks for letting the Y help you and the community this New Year!


Best wishes for 2017,


Tom Looby

CEO & President

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