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Regional Training Opportunities for YMCA Employees in Florida and Puerto Rico

The Tampa Metropolitan Area YMCA has been designated as a regional training partner of Y-USA for Florida and Puerto Rico. Training opportunities posted below are available to all YMCA employees in this region. For more information, call or email Terry Doster, Director of Training, at 813-224-9622.


TRAINER CANDIDATE APPLICATION– https://lcdc.yexchange.org

2016 Regional Training Schedule
: open here
Upcoming Regional Trainings 2016 

St. Petersburg Feb 23-26
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Northwest Florida (Pensacola) March 29 -April 1
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Tampa Spring: April 7-20
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Aquatic Event: March 28-April 1
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South Palm Beach/Boca Raton: May 3-6
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Training for Tampa YMCA Employees

The Tampa YMCA is committed to providing ongoing high-quality training opportunities for its employees in order to deliver the best possible service for our members. Training sessions include health and wellness, safety and first aid, lifeguarding, leadership training, and much more. If you are a current or prospective Tampa YMCA employee, please speak to your executive director or hiring manager to view the latest training schedule and select the training opportunities that are right for you.

2016 Principles & Practices: Download Schedule

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