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Every child can succeed.

And the early childhood years are key to building a strong foundation for future educational success.

Layla’s House, an early childhood community learning center, will provide that strong foundation to Sulphur Springs children and parents. From the time they’re born to the age of 5, these children will learn the skills needed to enter Kindergarten and be successful at learning.

Working with hundreds of parents and caregivers, Layla’s House will offer everything from child development workshops and parent support groups to parent-child literacy programs and child safety trainings. It’s the first step in ensuring every child has the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive.

Layla’s House, located at the corner of Eskimo and 15th streets in Sulphur Springs, is the  critical early childhood component of the Sulphur Springs “pipeline to success.” The pipeline is part of the Neighborhood of Promise initiative, which provides resources for children from birth through college/career. Our goal: to eradicate poverty through education.

Specifically, Layla’s House will offer:

  • Infant/child CPR classes
  • First aid trainings
  • Parent support groups
  • Child development workshops
  • Opportunities for parent-child interaction
  • Literacy programs
  • Language acquisition classes


Layla’s House promotes healthy, happy families by coordinating and providing programs, resources, activities and opportunities that enhance positive early childhood development and support families of children ages 0-5 years.


Layla’s House assures every young child in Sulphur Springs has a safe, healthy and wholesome early childhood providing a foundation for them to enter school ready to learn.

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