Young Visionary Leader Helps Y Families


This past summer, a YMCA youth member did his part to protect local families from skin cancer. Eleven-year-old Brady Hermann raised enough money to install a sunscreen dispenser at the South Tampa Family YMCA Carol Kennedy Aquatic Center to help protect kids and families from the dangerous rays of the sun.


The idea came to Brady after he received a 5th grade school assignment at Roosevelt Elementary to complete a charity project. He noticed a sunscreen dispenser on private property near a local park and decided he wanted to get funding to have sunscreen dispensers installed in more parks. He and his mom called around and discovered a community leader was already spearheading a project to get sunscreen dispensers installed in public parks.


“Since the city was already considering dispensers, Brady decided to ask the YMCA if he could have one installed there. He created a binder that showed the sunscreens installed in parks around the country are approved by the Melanoma Foundation of New England,” recalls his mother, Dr. Anne Hermann. “He approached Angie at the South Tampa YMCA who was gracious to listen to an 11-year old’s project. She took him seriously. Brady did most of this all on his own. The YMCA did have some questions and Brady provided answers.”


The South Tampa Y granted approval and that’s when Brady started canvasing businesses for donations. Abdoney Orthodontics agreed to sponsor the $400 dispenser. “I am a physician and plan to donate 10 percent of profit on sunscreens that we sell at my practice to fund the dispenser refills,” says Dr. Hermann.


“The Y is very impressed with Brady’s initiative, leadership and business mindset,” says Membership Experience Director Angie Loflin. “We look forward to having sunscreen provided to our members and guests at our South Tampa Y pools. This partnership has been such a positive experience for both the Y and Brady and hopefully we can get them installed at other YMCAs!”

Pictured above: South Tampa Y Members Dr. Anne Hermann, her son, Brady, and Executive Director Scott Wickert.

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