The Y Will Help More Parkinson’s Patients


More Parkinson’s patients will have a chance to fight back against the debilitating disease in 2018, thanks to a generous grant from the Parkinson’s Foundation and Moving Day® Tampa.


After seeing studies showing spin class can decrease Parkinson’s symptoms by 35 percent, the Tampa YMCA started offering a free community indoor cycling programcalled Pedaling for Parkinson’s at the South Tampa and Bob Sierra North Tampa Ys. “The results we’re seeing are incredible and thanks to the generosity of the Parkinson’s Foundation, the Y is able to expand this impactful program to the New Tampa and North Brandon Ys later this spring,” says Healthy Living Director Dawn Kita.


Ralph Seng started seeing his Parkinson’s symptoms a few summers ago. “There was something wrong with me. I was shaking and I couldn’t understand it. I used to shuffle my feet so much where I ran into a wall to stop me because it was that bad,” he recalls. After a couple months in Pedaling for Parkinson’s at the South Tampa Y, Ralph started noticing improvement, “I’m not running into walls anymore. I can drive a car a lot better,” shares Ralph.


Driven by fast-paced music, Pedaling for Parkinson’s riders at every level are challenged to improve their performance on an ongoing basis. Participants also share a common bond in a fun, socially-supportive environment.


The one-hour indoor cycling classes are free with a Y membership and free for the first eight weeks to patients, ages 30-75, diagnosed with Idiopathic Parkinson’s disease. A medical provider consent and clearance form is required to register. For more information, click here.

Pictured above: FOX 13 featured the Tampa Y’s free Pedaling for Parkinson’s program, which will expand to a total of four Ys this New Year. Click here to view the news story.

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