Why Wait for Y-Weight?


Ok, January’s over…how many of you are still sticking with those New Year’s resolutions? If you’re like most resolution-makers, your goals are health-related and research shows around this time, nearly 60 percent of Americans start falling off the weight-loss wagon. The answer? Get back on!


“Take things one day at a time and one step at a time,” says Tampa Y Healthy Living Director Dawn Kita. “A lot of times we want to make a big change very quickly. You really want to focus on something small and, little by little, you’ll get there as long as you don’t give up. Just stick with it.”


That’s what Tori Edwards set out to do when she signed up for the Y’s free Y-Weight program for “Everywhere” members. She worked with Y trainer Jodi Frazier at the Bob Sierra North Tampa Family YMCA. “She’s been my superstar. She’s lost 30 pounds and over 5 percent body fat since she started the program last September,” observes Jodi. “Her strength has improved dramatically.”


Tori says she benefited from the free 8-week program in more ways than one. “The nutritional part of the Y-Weight program was very educational because you learn to read food labels and make the right choices with dining out,” shares Tori. “What really helped me was the personal training part. It pushed our boundaries and limits. Every week, it’s a different thing you’re learning so you’re constantly testing your muscles.” Tori and her entire group were so pleased with their results that they continued with personal training after the program ended.


So, if you’re losing steam for 2018, Y-Weight might be for you! “With the Y-Weight program, the trainers are going to talk with you about healthy eating in addition to the workout component,” explains Dawn. “They meet twice a week; once for the nutrition and once for the workout. They do that in a group together so there’s a group cohesion and accountability.” Click here to learn more and let the Y help you live healthier on the inside as well as the outside.

Pictured above: Tori Edwards (far left) and her Y-Weight group were so pleased with the program, they continued training with Bob Sierra Y trainer Jodi Frazier (bottom middle)

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