Teaching Teens to Lead



Teen Leaders’ Club started out as a hobby for the Mott family. “When she was 13, I felt Shaylah needed something to do,” recalls her grandmother, Shelia. Her granddaughter benefited from the leadership development program in more ways than one. “Shaylah was a shy girl who lacked confidence to perform or stand up in front of people. Over the years as a Teen Leader, I have seen her confidence evolve exponentially,” shares Shelia. “I have seen her willingness to get out of her comfort zone at school and among friends.


Now 17, Shaylah has been with Teen Leaders at the Campo Family Y for five years. “It has given her a positive outlet to express her feelings. She refers to it as ‘life-altering.’  I have also seen more creativity and dedication to her school work,” testifies Shelia.


Now, Shaylah’s two teen siblings are following her footsteps. “After watching the changes in Shaylah, there was no doubt in my mind they needed to join too,” says Shelia. “I have watched all of them grow and develop through their association with the Y – from hanging out at the Kid Zone, to being involved with the basketball program, to becoming Teen Leaders and developing their character,” recalls Shelia. “They have gone from being little kids to blossoming youths who are contributing members of their community. It was my dream that my family would connect to our community through the Y and I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome!”


To learn more about Teen Leaders’ Club, click here and sign your teen up at your local Y.

Pictured above: L to R: Kaitlyn, Shaylah and Sean Mott are blossoming in Teen Leaders’ Club at the Campo Y.

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