Swim Lessons Save Lives


Last Mother’s Day will be one Camille Webb will never forget. “My husband was fixing up the lights by the pool and Daddy’s girl was by his side,” recalls Camille about their daughter, Ryleigh, who was three years old at the time. “There was something in the pool and she was reaching toward it and my husband heard the splash. By the time he’s about to dive in, he sees her coming up and she swims over to other side of the pool.”


Fortunately, little Ryleigh remembered what she learned during swim lessons at the North Brandon Family YMCA. “My daughter knew exactly what to do,” shares Camille. “Her reflexes were so quick. She was not nervous. She wasn’t crying. She was so proud of herself that she did it!”


When Camille heard the story, her heart sank. “But I never made her see how shocked I was. Instead, I praised her for her amazing swimming,” shares Camille. “Yes, my husband was right there to get her, but seeing how proud she was of herself made every YMCA class she has ever taken very much worth it! Thank you, YMCA, for helping save my Ryleigh’s life. This program does work. All the steps she was taught aided her when she needed them most -to save her own life.”


What makes Ryleigh’s story especially incredible is she overcame a strong fear of the water. “She was terrified of the pool because during her first experience, she face-planted with her safety vest on,” recalls Camille. “She didn’t want to go back in unless someone was holding her.” Swim lessons turned that fear into confidence and now Ryleigh is progressing well at the same Y where her older brother is on the developmental swim team.


Swim lessons provide important life skills that could save a life and will benefit students, like Ryleigh, for a lifetime. Our nationally-certified instructors have been working non-stop to train for a new season of lessons which starts February 19th. Register today!

Pictured above: The swim skills Ryleigh Webb learned at the North Brandon Y came in handy after she fell into the pool unexpectedly last spring. 

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