Lifetime Memories at Camp


As hard-working parents, Valente and Jennifer Morales are fully vested in the well-being of their three young kids. As you can imagine, when it came time to find quality out-of-school care, they left no stone unturned. “We looked into several programs and not one made us feel 100 percent sure that we could trust our kids to them,” shares Valente.


But when they came across YMCA Camp Cristina, the couple felt confident the outdoor adventure camp was the right place for 5-year-old Gabe, 8-year-old Olivia and 10-year-old Diego. “Camp Cristina offers a service completely different than a babysitting service,” says Valente. “Camp Cristina has a unique program that involves physical and group activities such as art, archery, cooking and many others.”


Valente and his wife also appreciate the focus on academics and notice their kids are learning new life skills. “One of the most important things camp has been teaching our kids is time management,” testifies Valente. “They are also more open to try new activities and get out of their comfort zones. They have become more confident in many ways. They are also more comfortable with working with different age groups and with taking on responsibilities.”


Camp Cristina is proud to serve as a parenting partner while mom and dad focus on their careers. “Camp Cristina has reinforced the values we carry at home like honesty, respect for others and taking ownership of their actions and their consequences,” observes Valente.


It’s safe to say the Morales family is happy they ended up at the Y. “We can leave our children in the camp’s care and focus on our jobs and community work, with peace knowing our children are safe and loved. It’s priceless,” says Jennifer. “They are learning and having life experiences that they will remember always.”


This summer, your kids can create lifetime memories just like the Morales children. Y Summer Camps offers a welcoming environment where kids can belong, build relationships, develop character and discover their potential. Register for YMCA Summer Camp today!

Above: Olivia, Gabe and Diego Morales are learning, growing and thriving at YMCA Camp Cristina. 
























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