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Before treadmills, dumbbells and bar bells, remember when we used to go to the playground to exercise? From monkey bars to playing catch…we didn’t need much to get a good workout. Well, a new system at the Bob Sierra North Tampa YMCA is taking us back to those fun fitness days.


Now Bob Sierra Y members can try MoveStrong – a new functional training system that includes ropes, ladders, monkey bars, bands and body weight. There are no bar bells, dumbbells or heavy lifting. The goal is to teach us to become strong, flexible and fit using the weight of our own body and the force of gravity. Wellness experts say basic pushing and pulling movements, combined with rotation and agility exercises help our bodies to function at their best.


“Our YMCA was looking to add an innovative option for our members to get back to the basics of training and getting fit,” says Bob Sierra Y Wellness Executive Jenny Beadle. The MoveStrong system at the Y in Carrollwood is used to train people of all ages and abilities. “So far, our youngest participant in MoveStrong classes is 18 and our oldest is 85,” shares Jenny. “Our members have described it as refreshing, fun and way more interesting than a treadmill.”


At the Y, we have the facilities, equipment, programs and caring staff to support you. We provide healthy living programs where you can make new friends, increase your self-confidence and improve your spiritual, mental and physical health. Innovative programs like MoveStrong may strengthen our bodies but by enhancing interactions with others, it also provides mental and social benefits as well. Come see for yourself at the Bob Sierra Y!

Pictured above: Tampa Y members and staff are learning new ways to get fit utilizing body weight and a functional fitness style of exercising. Photo courtesy of MoveStrong

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