Donation Keeps Y Families Cool


If you can’t tell by how hot it is outside…summer is here. “Everybody who lives in Tampa Bay knows it can get a little steamy and hot in the summertime and with kids, it’s unbearable,” observes Michael Brown, the center executive director for the Central City and Downtown Ys. So when one of his board members offered to help families living with no A/C, Michael knew exactly where to go: Sulphur Springs. “Some of our poorest kids live in the most challenging settings there,” says Michael. “We continue to commit our resources to help bring the Sulphur Springs community forward.”


“There are actually more people out there without A/C than you would guess. It’s something everyone should have,” says Central City Y Advisory Board Member Josue Cabrera, the owner of ACS Home Services. “We’re an air conditioning company. So, we’re just trying to do something with what we have at our disposal.”


Josue donated new A/C units to two different families this summer. Urtorio’s Brown family has been without central air conditioning and heat for five years now. “When you’re hot, it’s hard for you to get a good night’s sleep” shares Urtorio. His wife, Niki, agrees, “It’s difficult trying to prepare meals while it’s hot. It’s sticky, sweaty and unpleasant.”


“I can’t imagine getting in my car and driving a block without A/C let alone trying to raise my kids and family in a home with no A/C,” says Michael. “This is a tremendous gift from ACS Home Services to this family. We’re just grateful that they saw us as a vehicle to give back to this community.”


Thanks to a Y volunteer’s generosity, the Browns are staying nice and cool this summer. “It’s such a blessing to have ACS choose us and we’re very excited,” says Urtorio. “It’s heaven on earth,” adds Niki. “It’s going to be very pleasant for the summer. I’m very grateful.”


The Tampa YMCA relies on the generosity of donors to keeps its programs effective and affordable as well as to create new programs in response to community-identified needs. To find out how you can help, contact or call 813.224.9622, Ext. 1272. Gifts of your time are also appreciated. To learn more about volunteering for the Y, click here.

Pictured above: The Brown family got a surprise just in time for summer: a new A/C donated by Central City Y Board Member Josue Cabrera, the owner of ACS Home Services.

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