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Alyce Stewart is definitely a fighter, having won two tough battles against both kidney and breast cancer. But being a two-time cancer survivor left her feeling exhausted and weak. “All of the treatments were very hard on my body and between that and the medicine I felt like I had aged 10 years,” shares Alyce. “My body was stiff and I had no energy. Being home and not feeling like going anywhere was taking a toll on me socially.”


When Alyce started LIVESTRONG® at the YMCA she surprised herself. “The biggest thing I learned from my experience is that I am stronger than I realized,” recalls Alyce. “I didn’t feel so self-conscious after learning how to use the machines and flexibility tools properly.”


Since graduating the 3-month cancer survivor program at the Campo Family YMCA, Alyce feels like a whole new person. “I am not as stiff as I was before. I have more flexibility and strength. I felt so much better,” testifies Alyce. “I want to go out and do things with my husband again now that I have energy.”


Alyce says her newfound strength is as much mental as physical. “The first day of the program, I knew I had found new friends,” says Alyce. “I got to know everyone better and enjoyed them. We laughed together, worried when someone didn’t feel well and always encouraged each other. It was the boost I needed.”


In fact, it’s the people who keep Alyce coming back to the Y. “For the first time ever, I look forward to going to the gym,” shares Alyce. “The program has made a great impact in my life.”


Thanks to the generosity of donors, the 12-week LIVESTRONG at the YMCA program is offered at 10 Tampa Y locations for free to cancer survivors and their families. Click here to learn more.

Pictured above:  Alyce Stewart, pictured in the back left holding the white balance ball, cherishes her LIVESTRONG® group at the Campo Y.

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