Infant Swimming Lessons In Tampa, Brandon, Carrollwood, New Tampa & Surrounding Areas

infant swimming lessonsMore and more parents and grandparents are seeing the value of infant swimming lessons from the Tampa Metropolitan Area YMCA. Infant swimming lessons can start as early as six months when infants can begin to learn how to hold their breath underwater. These early stages of infant swimming lessons will teach babies 6-12 months to not just hold their breath underwater, but to roll over on their backs and float. As children progress through these programs, they will learn to initiate swim-float-swim sequences, hold their breath underwater, swim with their heads down, roll onto their backs to float, rest, breathe and roll back over to continue swimming until they reach the side of the pool. Here, they can crawl out of the water on their own or be pulled out by an adult.


Infant swim lessons are just a portion of the youth program and Kids Camps available at your Tampa Metropolitan Area YMCA. Youth Programs include:


  • Cheerleading
  • Dance
  • Flag football
  • First Tee Golf
  • Gymnastics and more!


Kids camps also include Aquatic Camps, Gymnastics Camps, Teen Camps and more and are a popular options for families who join the YMCA. They help children develop physically, athletically and socially.


The Tampa Metropolitan Area YMCA offers several membership options designed to work for single individuals, families, youth, young adults, seniors and everyone in between. You can choose to have access to just your neighborhood location YMCA, two branches or all of our Hillsborough and East Pasco branches.


We invite you to set up a private tour to learn more about your Tampa Metropolitan Area YMCA, our Kids Camps and other available programs. Ask about getting a single day pass that will give you the opportunity to sample our facilities. We think you will be impressed with what we offer. Get the most out of your entertainment dollars and gain access to infant swimming lessons and more for Brandon, Tampa, Westchase, Tampa Palms, Bloomindale, Carrollwood, New Tampa, surrounding areas by joining the YMCA. Contact us today to get started!

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