Gym for Residents of Tampa, Brandon, Carrollwood, Westchase, Temple Terrace & Surrounding Areas



gymThe Tampa Metropolitan YMCA is the perfect gym for the entire family. We have dozens of activities and facilities, so there is something for everyone, from toddlers to seniors. With branches throughout the Bay area, it is always easy to find a gym that makes it convenient for you to meet your goals.


If you are just getting started or need a fresh new workout, we can help. At each location, we have certified personal trainers who will work with you to formulate a fitness plan that is customized to address your specific wants and needs. You will build your fitness plan together, as your trainer walks you through a multitude of exercises using various equipment and emphasizing proper form, which both maximizes the benefits of your workout and greatly reduces the chance of an injury.


For many people, it is more fun and easier to stay motivated while exercising with a group. With your membership to our gym comes dozens of group classes that are sure to get you pumped up. Classes include:


  • Les Milles BodyPump, BodyCombat and CXWORX
  • Cardio Agility, Cardio Mix and Cardio Tone-Up
  • Indoor Spinning
  • Zumba and Family Dance
  • Aqua Fitness
  • Core/Abs, Strength Training, Fitness Bootcamp
  • Kickboxing, Martial Arts
  • Yoga, Pilates


Are you looking for summer camps for your kids? Want to build a new fitness plan? How about a pool to swim laps and relax? The Tampa Metropolitan YMCA is not your typical gym. We have a wide selection of Cybex machines and free weights, basketball and racquetball courts, a Kids Zone, and more. Contact us today to get a tour of the gym or learn which classes are available at the gym nearest you. We are proud to be the gym of choice for families across Tampa, Brandon, Carrollwood, Westchase, Temple Terrace and the surrounding areas.

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