Children Sports In Tampa, Brandon, Carrollwood, New Tampa & Surrounding Regions

Children sports at the YMCA is a time-honored tradition and one of the best ways to help your young ones develop skills and interact with other kids in a healthy environment. What categories of children sports do we offer at the Tampa Metropolitan Area YMCA? Here is a list of just a few of our children sports offerings for Westchase, Fishhawk, Tampa Palms, Bloomingdale and surrounding areas:


  • Volleyball
  • Youth Basketball and Youth Soccer
  • T-Ball and Gymnastics
  • Martial Arts and Karate
  • Flag Football and First Tee Golf
  • Dance and Cheerleading


The Tampa Y offers volleyball for youths 7 to 17 years. Some age divisions may differ by location. Our programs put emphasis on teaching good sportsmanship, goal setting, teamwork and new skills. Participants will learn basic volleyball fundamentals such as setting, serving, digging and hitting, in a non-competitive environment.


Youth basketball teams are all coached by volunteer coaches. Common league rules are used, with an emphasis on accountability and education through the use of foul calling. Game clocks, practice plans, ball sizes and goal heights are all appropriate per age group. Each season consists of 8 games, and the development of skills are gained throughout the season. Basketball skills are emphasized during weekly games and also at practices.


The goals for children sports? They are similar to those utilized in summer sports teams. YMCA youth soccer leagues are available for ages 3 to 17. Team members learn the fundamental building blocks of how to play soccer by drills, instruction, game play and lead-ups games. Each season consists of 8 games. Kids will learn how to practice good sportsmanship and follow rules, while having a wonderful time. We are always looking for volunteer coaches, timekeepers and officials, and we’d be very happy to have some more adults on our teams.


Please contact us for children sports and summer sports teams in Tampa, Brandon, Carrollwood, New Tampa and surrounding regions. Remember also that the YMCA has many early learning and pre-school programs, as well as programs for adults and teens.

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