Award-Winning Y Impacts 14,000

Spurlino family, builders and Tampa Y CEO pose with award


Since the start of 2019, community members in Southern Hillsborough County have been growing, learning and thriving at the new Spurlino Family YMCA at Big Bend Road. In less than a year, the Tampa YMCA’s first new family facility in nearly 18 years is already award winning.


At the Hillsborough County Planning Commission’s 37th Annual Planning & Design Awards, the Spurlino Y received an environmental and entertainment merit award. Tampa Y President & CEO Matt Mitchell was honored to receive the honors alongside the Spurlinos, Kennedys, Creative Contractors, Fleischman-Garcia Architects and REAL Building Consultants.


Since its January 10th grand opening, the Spurlino Y team has been providing much-needed services to 14,000 members in the rapidly growing Riverview/Gibsonton community. The Y’s youth programs, family-friendly activities and healthy-living initiatives are building character and confidence in children, bringing families together and providing a supportive environment where everyone — regardless of age, income or background — can come together to improve their quality of life.


The special award recognizes the fact that the Spurlino Y will be the first LEED Gold certified Y location and the second LEED Gold certified Y building in Hillsborough County. LEED is the recognized global standard for high-performing green buildings. By seeking LEED Gold certification, the Y displays responsible stewardship of the resources provided by generous donors. Building green not only preserves natural resources; it also protects the health of Y members, guests and staff within the building. Once LEED Gold certification is achieved, the Spurlino Y will stand alongside some of the most innovative buildings in the country.


“Thanks to the hard work and dedication of Creative Contractors, Fleischman-Garcia Architects and Real Building Consultants, the Spurlino Y has set a new standard for future Y buildings throughout Tampa Bay,” says Matt. “We feel it is an obligation to all community stakeholders to make responsible decisions with the resources provided. Future Tampa Y projects will reflect a modern design and an energy-efficient infrastructure. The money saved from operating more efficient buildings will be reinvested into a Tampa Bay community that needs a strong YMCA now more than ever.”


Pictured above: The Spurlino Y won the Environmental and Entertainment Merit Award at the Hillsborough County Planning Commission’s 37th Annual Planning & Design Awards. (L to R) Steve Young, Sol Fleischman, Taylor Ralph, Cy & Joanne Spurlino, Matt Mitchell, David Kennedy & Josh Bomstein.

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