A Vow to Stay Healthy


Thirteen years ago, Jeannette McArter and her siblings had to make the tough decision to take their mother off life support following a massive heart attack linked to diabetes. “I vowed that day I would never want to put my four children and my husband through that,” recalls Jeannette.


The years that followed came with many weight loss struggles. To take control, Jeannette decided to take nutrition courses and join the Plant City Y. Since then, she says her life has changed forever. “As I applied what I learned in my nutrition classes, I was also taking group exercise classes at the YMCA,” shares Jeannette. “As weeks turned to months, I watched my weight drop off – almost like the fat just melted off my body.”


The results weren’t just physical. “I had so much energy and felt so good about myself,” says Jeannette. In all, she lost more than 100 pounds and was able to wean off seven medications for diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol and asthma.


But things took a turn in 2016 when doctors discovered a blocked intestine and small tumor on one of Jeannette’s kidneys. A few successful surgeries later, Jeannette and her family had to move to Lakeland. But a long commute didn’t stop Jeanette from coming back. “If it were not for the YMCA in Plant City, the group instructors’ encouraging words, the staffs’ smiling faces and the other members who encouraged me and supported me through it all – I may have given up,” says Jeannette. “They made me want to come back and I still do to this day. Plant City is my YMCA and where I want to be. It’s where everyone knows you by name.”


As a community leader in health and wellness, the Tampa Y provides support, guidance and expertise in helping prevent and/or manage chronic diseases including diabetes, cancer, arthritis and heart disease. There is no shortage of opportunity to be active and healthy when you are part of the Y. Click here to find out how we can help!



Pictured above: Jeannette McArter (middle) credits the Plant City Y for her path to a healthier and happier life.

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