A New Place to Play



When the Spurlino Family YMCA at Big Bend Road opens in January, children in Southern Hillsborough County will have a great new place to play. The new Stay & Play playground was fully assembled in less than four hours thanks to volunteers from the Tegna Foundation and 10News.


On Oct. 13, the group of 50 volunteers spent their Saturday building the new playground and sprucing up the Spurlino Y’s outdoor amenities – including the pavilion, family fun trail and entry way. To top it off, the big volunteer effort came with a generous $33,000 gift.


“This playground does more than get kids active. It creates lasting memories,” says Tampa Y President & CEO Matt Mitchell. “Soon, this place will be bursting with smiles, laughter and fun. Children will gain confidence as they climb to the top, make it to the bottom of the slide and create new friendships. Thanks to Tegna and 10News for helping youth reach their full potential at the Y.”


What a wonderful opportunity for children in Southern Hillsborough County to benefit from the kindness of community-focused organizations. Thank you to all of the volunteers! Your time and effort will truly make a difference for thousands of kids, as well as the community, for many years to come.



Pictured above: Click on the play icon above to watch how hard-working volunteers helped the new Spurlino Y better serve Southern Hillsborough County.

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