Ballet Classes

p> At the Tampa Y, we believe that children can learn a great deal from the study of ballet, as well as other forms of dance. In keeping with the values of the Y, ballet is about much more than performances and standing ovations. It is also about helping boys and girls develop in meaningful ways.

While working with experienced ballet teachers, children get their daily exercise and learn how to exhibit confidence and poise. They gain strength, coordination and balancing skills, understanding how to control their body in motion. Ballet also helps them develop a sense of discipline and personal pride.

Even preschoolers can benefit greatly from ballet classes. They are able to learn the concepts of counting to the rhythm of music, staying in line, forming a circle, and following step-by-step instructions. They can also improve their memory skills while practicing dance routines.

While the ballet programs at the Tampa Y don’t focus on performing to perfection in a recital, students do have opportunity to dance on a stage in front of friends and family. It’s a great way for kids to gain self-confidence, improve coordination and strength, and most important, to have fun. 

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