Teens Giving Thanks


Appreciation was in the air as Teen Leaders from across the entire Tampa Y Association paid tribute to military families during a lock-in at the Bob Sierra Y Youth and Family Center last month.


The weekend started with a night of fun…including swimming, fitness testing, sand volleyball, a campfire and an outdoor movie. The next morning, more than 100 Teen Leaders worked on patriotic-themed service projects. They made baby blankets for children born while their father is deployed, yard signs for military families thanking them for their service and a moving videoshowing “every individual holding a sign stating what they are thankful for on this day as our military is protecting and fighting for us,” explains South Tampa Y Senior Program Director Megan Looby. The teens also sent deployed personnel jars filled with positive notes to thank them for their sacrifice.


“In Teen Leaders Club, there are a lot of new faces and new people we’re impacting—all thanks to the Governance Board making Teen Development one of the top priorities in our Vision 2020 II strategic plan,” says Megan. The Tampa Metropolitan Area YMCA is proud to offer the Teen Leaders program which focuses on three main components: leadership development, service to others and physical fitness. If you're interested in learning more about Teen Leaders, stop by your local Y.

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