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YMCA Basketball ProgramsGeneral Information

Youth programs at the Y give children the opportunity to explore their unique talents and interests and help them realize their potential. This makes for confident kids today and contributing and engaged adults tomorrow.


Evaluation & Team Placement

All players must attend evaluations prior to the season starting. 

The criteria is as follows for beginner/intermediate athletes we recommend the instructional developmental league. *All players that want to play in the competitive travel league must try out* Based on the evaluations of the staff and the director we will decide what division your child needs to be placed.

*Competitive travel league and girls 9-11 & 12-14 age groups will play at other YMCA branches in the Tampa Metro Association*


Try Out and Evaluations:

Evaluations are mandatory if a player for whatever reason can't make evaluations, that players needs to set up a time to be evaluated. If that player still isn't evaluated they will be placed on a team at the directors discretion.


Download Recreational Youth Basketball Guidelines & Rules

Ages 3-8

Ages 9 and Up

Spring 2014 Basketball Game Schedule

> Ages 7-8 Competitive

> Ages 7-8

> Ages 9-10

> Ages 12-14