Personal Training

Whether you’re just starting a fitness program or you’re a conditioned athlete, working with a Tampa Y Trainer can help you achieve all new fitness levels.

Your personal trainer will begin by conducting a personalized fitness assessment to determine your current fitness level and outline your desired fitness goals in the following areas:

• Body composition
• Balance/coordination
• Flexibility
• Anaerobic strength
• Cardiovascular endurance

Your personal trainer will then customize a program just for you, one that’s dynamic, innovative and results-driven. Most importantly, our trainers will provide you with all the necessary tools to not only achieve your goals but how to make them a part of your lifestyle. 

You’ll find the ultimate motivation in their personalized attention, discipline and feedback. It’s time you worked smarter not harder to achieve all your fitness goals.

Personal Training Pricing

Ready to get serious about your fitness goals, but operating on a budget? Allow our Personal Trainers to put together a training package that fits both your fitness and budget needs! 

Training Pricing Overview

When you purchase personal training you have the option to pay per session or to purchase a personal training package, consisting of a group of training sessions. When you buy a personal training package, you will benefit from a reduced per session rate. 

Your certified personal trainer will work with you to develop the best possible program for you based on your individual fitness goals, and will make recommendations regarding the frequency of training to help you reach your goals.

Training Program Options

There are a number of ways you can structure training, including the following options: 

• Personal training – one-on-one sessions with a dedicated personal trainer
• Small group training – training sessions with 3 or 4 individual

These options provide various pricing structures to accommodate your budget. 

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