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The Tampa Bay Lightning invited the Northwest Hillsborough Family YMCA to participate in a street hockey tournament last month. In all, 15 teams participated, including multiple Boys & Girls Clubs, parks and recreation departments and Hillsborough Out-of-School-Time (HOST) programs. As the only Y there, the Northwest Y came in 4th place.

“It was a really cool experience for the kids involved. We even picked up a few kids who didn’t have a team to play with and they became honorary YMCA players for the day,” says Childcare and Sports Director Chris Roese. “Our YMCA showed a tremendous amount of good sportsmanship and we definitely represented our organization in a great way.”

The Y thanks the Tampa Bay Lightning for giving our afterschool kids the chance to be a part of a tournament team. Many life lessons were learned during the nine games over six hours. We look forward to putting together even more Y hockey teams for the fun tournament next year!


Pictured above: Y Success Afterschool kids participated in the Tampa Bay Lightning’s street hockey tournament.


Getting healthier has always been a goal for Linda Miller, but she never really had the motivation until her doctor delivered some unsettling news. “He told me I was a candidate for knee replacement surgery but informed me I faced something much worse,” recalls Linda. “Unless I lost weight and got healthier, he felt certain it was just a matter of time until I became diabetic. I was shocked.” To avoid going down that dangerous path, Linda signed up for the Y’s Diabetes Prevention Program at the East Pasco Family YMCA.

Linda says the weekly classes and food diaries helped her adopt a healthier lifestyle. “I was able to experience the reality of eating reasonable portions,” shares Linda. “Likewise with exercise, I learned I can start gradually and work my way up to more challenging exercises and not hurt myself.” She also notices a difference with her mindset. “I am gaining confidence and learning I am capable of more than I realized,” says Linda. “I am more active now than I have been for many years. I am getting so much more done, am more social and stay busy all the time.”

Best of all, “For the first time in many years, my blood work is within normal limits,” says Linda. “My doctor foresees a very real possibility of not needing knee replacement surgery; and I have little or no pain in my knee after a loss of 35 pounds in the program.”

Next Tuesday, March 24th is American Diabetes Association Alert Day®. The Tampa Y is committed to tackling chronic diseases head-on to help community members, like Linda, develop and maintain healthier lifestyles. “I thank God that I enrolled in the Y’s Diabetes Prevention Program,” testifies Linda. “I believe I was saved from the very real possibility of a horrible health future.”

Initiatives like the Y’s Diabetes Prevention Program show that losing a moderate amount of weight and increasing physical activity can prevent or delay new cases of type 2 diabetes by 58% overall and by as much as 71% in adults over the age of 60. To learn more about the Tampa Y's Diabetes Prevention Program, which is offered at 14 Tampa YMCA branches, please contact Bridget Piephoff at 813-922-2808 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Pictured above: Linda Miller says the Y’s Diabetes Prevention Program at the East Pasco Y dramatically changed her life.


When you support the Tampa YMCA -- whether you are giving your time, talents or treasures -- you become someone's superhero. About 480 guests came together to honor the Y’s superheroes last month at the Regions Community Impact Dinner. The annual event brings awareness to the Tampa Y’s efforts to help kids and families, promote the health and well-being of the Tampa community, and help and give back to our neighbors in need.


This year’s event recognized Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn who received the 2015 Community Impact Award for his dedication and positive impact on Tampa Bay area residents. Tampa Y Governance Board Member Dena Shimberg was honored with the 2015 Order of the Red Triangle Award for making lasting and valuable contributions to the Tampa Y.


Fourteen Volunteers of the Year were also recognized by each YMCA branch among the crowd full of fellow volunteers, community leaders, elected officials, Y members and friends of the Y. “The Tampa Y is committed to strengthening the foundations of our community. But we couldn’t do this without the help, support and guidance of our volunteers -- our superheroes,” said President & CEO Tom Looby.

Many thanks to ABC Action News Anchor Brendan McLaughlin for serving as emcee and to Regions Financial Corporation as the title sponsor.


Dena Shimberg - Order of the Red Triangle Video

Rosa Testimonial Video

Jordan Testimonial Video

View Event Photos 


Pictured above: Paul Johnson (L) and his daughter, Rosa Griffin, were showcased at the Regions Community Impact Dinner honoring Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn (R).


Pictured right: Tampa Y President & CEO Tom Looby (L) presented Dena Shimberg (R) with the 2015 Order of the Red Triangle Award.






Some well-deserved recognition came this month for great friends of the Sulphur Springs Y. Norma and Joseph Robinson were honored as community heroes by the Tampa Bay Lightning during its January 31st game. The Robinsons, who received a $50,000 donation from the Lightning Foundation’s Community Heroes program, donated the money to various charities, including $5,000 to the Sulphur Springs Y.

We are extremely thankful to be one of the Robinson’s charities of choice. Norma and Joseph are often called a dynamic duo in the Sulphur Springs community. They have dedicated decades of civic activism the area, including leading the Sulphur Springs Action League and Sulphur Springs Museum and Heritage Center. The couple volunteers countless hours at Sulphur Springs Elementary School, where the Y’s Community Learning Center is housed. One of their signature workshops for the kids includes an educational presentation focused on the history of Sulphur Springs. Our Y Success Afterschool students always enjoy learning about the rich history behind their neighborhood.

Again, many thanks to the Robinsons for so generously giving their time, energy and financial support to the Y!


Pictured above: (Back row from L to R) Tampa Y CDO Jan Berry, Sulphur Springs Senior Program Director Lakema Massey, Norma & Joseph Robinson with Sulphur Springs YMCA afterschool kids


When Alisa Linares was not happy with the results she was seeing from her treadmill use at the Downtown YMCA, she knew she had to make a change. “It was a comfortable routine, but it wasn’t getting me in shape,” shares Alisa. That’s when she decided to try personal training at the Y.

Alisa says her trainer, Anthony Bellapigna, customized a routine that fit her individual needs and goals. “His patience and genuine interest in my success was what encouraged me to keep trying and stick with it.” She says Anthony’s teaching style also motivates her. “He brings variety and creativity, while also making it challenging and most of all, fun!”

Alisa has since dropped 15 pounds and two dress sizes. More importantly, she’s happier and healthier. “This is an excellent way to improve balance and flexibility, while increasing strength and energy. It has definitely elevated my fitness level.” Alisa says if it hadn’t been for Anthony, she might’ve given up. “Anthony’s passion for safe and effective, results-oriented workouts motivate me to push myself harder than I think I can. He is always sure to remind me of ways to prevent injury and to develop proper form. What I’ve learned from him will benefit me immensely for years to come.”

Alisa is glad she’s on a path to better health, saying, “I’m in the best shape that I’ve been in, in nearly 25 years and hardly a week goes by that someone doesn’t pay me a nice compliment. I feel fit and healthy and I’m sure my bones are stronger, which is important to me. Being in shape is now a priority for me, and thanks to Anthony, I am at a place, that for so many years, I hadn’t thought possible.”

Whether you’re just starting a fitness program or you’re a conditioned athlete, working with a Tampa Y trainer can help you achieve all new fitness levels. Your personal trainer can customize a program just for you, one that’s dynamic, innovative and results-driven. Most importantly, our trainers will provide you with all the necessary tools to not only achieve your goals but how to make them a part of your lifestyle. Click here to learn more.


Pictured above: Alisa Linares credits her personal trainer for motivating her to stay committed at the Downtown Y.


As part of our focus on youth development, healthy living and social responsibility, the Tampa Y is committed to keeping children nourished all year long. Through our more than 30 Y Success Afterschool sites, the Tampa Y provides academic enrichment and physical activities to keep minds and bodies active, while also serving healthy snacks.

Thanks to our partnership with the YMCA of the USA, Hillsborough County Public Schools and Walmart Foundation, we now offer an Afterschool Meal Program to provide dinner to children in our most high-need sites. The Y is ensuring kids have access to meals at Sulphur Springs, Bay Crest, Morgan Woods and Town and Country elementary schools. “The kids love it,” shares Youth Development Executive Director Candace Culver. “We even had parents come to pick up, but they decided to leave and come back later so that their kids could eat.”

The Tampa Y is proud to be a part of this national movement to help kids stay well-nourished, active and energized, while also providing some relief to families who need support. ”


Pictured above: The Tampa Y currently serves dinner at four afterschool sites.




Reba Cain says she came to the Bob Sierra Family YMCA with one goal in mind: "to remain healthy and flexible enough to always be able to play with my grandchildren.” Her journey started with indoor cycling classes. “By spinning, I increased my cardio, lost a few pounds and got healthier and stronger,” recalls Reba.


From there, Reba signed up for more intense classes like Burn & Learn. “I learned so much about sensible healthy eating but, even more important, I learned how to work out in all areas – weights, machines, TRX®, stability ball and group fitness. It caused me to expand my ideas of what I could do to be fit.”


To get even better results, Reba tried out personal training and says, “I have gotten stronger and am able to do things I never thought I could do.” Willing to challenge herself even more, Reba entered a Triathlon Training Program at the Y. There, she overcame her fear of open water swim and successfully completed her first triathlon.


Reba didn’t stop there. You can add a Masters Swim class and a run group to her list of achievements. She even finished a second triathlon with a nine-minute improvement time. “I was astounded! I realized that my personal training had actually established a fitness foundation and I had become much stronger,” exclaims Reba.


What started as a simple goal turned into a long list of new goals that Reba has happily checked off her ever-growing list. “I am so grateful for the Y for all that it has given me. The trainers and staff at the Bob Sierra YMCA all have a mentality of wanting to help,” shares Reba. “I have always been supported and acknowledged for my accomplishments. This has made fitness fun for me.”


The Tampa Y provides the right equipment, programs and people to help determined health seekers, like Reba, turn their New Year’s resolutions into life resolutions. Click here to learn how you can become the best version of yourself…and kick off 2015 the right way!


Pictured above: Reba is turning her resolutions into reality at the Bob Sierra Y.


Did you know 90% of the brain is developed by age five? Research shows positive interactions at an early age enhance brain development while a lack of personal engagement and attention can stunt brain growth. The Tampa YMCA works day-in and day-out to reverse this trend among kids from low-income neighborhoods. One of the ways we do this is with our Early Head Start Program, a community-based program for low-income families with infants and toddlers. Its mission is to enhance the development of very young children and to promote healthy family functioning.


To help spread the word about the importance of early learning, the Y’s Early Head Start staff and volunteers hosted a Winter Wonderland event last month at the Bob Gilbertson Central City Family YMCA. More than 50 families from across Hillsborough County came to enjoy the music, storytelling, holiday crafts and dinner. Every child and adult left with a door prize, a bag of books and fresh ideas on how to engage little ones in early literacy.


“The families appreciated the event so much that they refused to leave at the end of the night before helping staff clean up and break down the gym,” recalls Tampa Y Quality Assurance Specialist Carla Soto. “It was truly a harmonious and safe family-engagement event.”


Click here to learn more about Early Head Start.


Pictured above: The Y’s Early Head Start staff and volunteers hosted a Winter Wonderland event for young children and their families.





When the temperatures dip this winter, warm pajamas are a must-have for families in the Tampa Bay area. But for some families, new pjs are a luxury they can’t necessarily afford. Thanks to the generosity of the Joy McCann Foundation, more than 50 of those families now have pajamas to keep them toasty overnight.


Just before Christmas, the Joy McCann Foundation delivered pajamas, teddy bears and toys to youth from the Sulphur Springs YMCA and Lacoochee Boys & Girls Club, our partnering agency in East Pasco County.


“The families were extremely grateful for the gifts! The parents loved them and gave thanks over and over again,” recalls Sulphur Springs Y Senior Program Director Lakema Massey. “One of the students even brought the pj’s to school the next day to show them off.”


Thank you to the Joy McCann Foundation for its generosity and continued support of the YMCA. Together, we are strengthening the community!


Pictured above: The Joy McCann Foundation donated pajamas to help keep families in Sulphur Springs and Lacoochee warm this winter.




November is Military Family Month, providing Americans the opportunity to recognize the dedication, sacrifice and service of military personnel and their families. The Tampa YMCA supports military families year-round though programs and initiatives that improve their well-being and provide opportunities to connect with other families waiting at home. 


Sheena Farley says she and her military family have lived in many cities and been members at many gyms. But, the Plant City Family YMCA stands out among the rest. “The YMCA has been so much more than just a gym for me and my family. It has been like a second home to us,” says Sheena.


Sheena’s husband is out of the country for up to six months every year. “During the time of his last deployment, I had 3-month-old twins and a 3-year-old that I was caring for all on my own,” shares Sheena. “Coming into the Y everyday gave me the much needed break that I so desperately needed.”


After her workout, Sheena stays at the Y to work on earning her nursing degree. “I sit at the tables, have a cup of coffee and work on my reading assignments and homework while my kids play with all of their friends in the childcare area,” says Sheena. From basketball to soccer and swimming…Sheena is confident her kids are in safe hands at the Y. “My children being at the Y has given them the opportunity to be around children their own age. I love that they come to the Y and make friends with children from all nationalities, races and backgrounds.”


For Sheena, that family feeling starts the second she walks through the Y’s doors. “I love that everyone knows us by name and is so warm and welcoming. When we leave, someone always offers to carry a baby out to the car for me. How awesome is that,” asks Sheena. “You can't get that kind of service and hospitality at (another) gym. I honestly feel like the YMCA is the heart of Plant City.”


Pictured above: The Farley family considers the Plant City Y their second home.

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